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Papua New Guinea

Gold - Aqua Mining

Aqua Mining is a wholly owned subsiderary of Kibush Capital. Aqua Mining is currently in the exploration stage. Aqua Mining was created to undertake certain opportunities that exist within the mining sector of the economy of Papua New Guinea. The Director Mr. Vincent Appo, has extensive experience and knowledge in this sector and has over the years assembled a vast network of contacts and contractors that will assist the company in their managerial and operational endeavors. From the outset the company is negotiating over 2 mine sites for further exploration.


Aqua Mining in the past six months has negotiated and finalized with landowners in the WAU area of PNG, Joint Ventures to conduct mineral exploration activities. These Joint Venture Agreements will form the basis of applications to the Mining Resource Authority in PNG for Mining Licenses. In addition, Aqua Mining has been accepted as a developer of AML 694-695.

On or about April 8, 2015, the Company commenced exploration of the Alluvial Mining Lease 694/695 via its Subsidiary Aqua Mining PNG Limited. Mr. Vincent Appo, PNG Operations Manager, is overseeing the construction of the required infrastructure which is required for the Company's exploration activities.


On or about April 16, 2015, the Company announced commencement of a Jorc/43-101 report on the Mining Lease 694/695 and pending Mining Lease 296/301 held by its subsidiary, Aqua Mining PNG Limited.   

We are anxious to resume exploration and processing, this is dependent on cash flows from the Timber logging projects.


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